Maker Moments

Learn to make arts and crafts from the comfort of your home with Maker Moments by Gilcrease Museum. Our teaching artists are putting together projects for all skill levels that can be made using common materials you may have around your home. Watch these informative videos below and find step-by-step instructions in the corresponding links.

How to Make a Paper Flower

Make your own beautiful paper flower with tissue paper and pipe cleaners! The paper flower is an important symbol of any Hispanic event and can be seen at el Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), birthday parties, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day celebrations and more. These tissue paper flowers are used to decorate homes or buildings for celebrations.

Materials Needed:
Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaners

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How to do Cherokee Two-Needle Appliqué Beadwork

In the video below, learn basic Cherokee beadwork techniques and create your own beadwork masterpiece! Cherokee people use beads in many different ways and created beads before European contact. Cherokee people traditionally make beads out of materials found in nature like shells and clay. When Cherokee people start trading with European nations, small “seed beads” were traded that originated from the former Czechoslovakia. Cherokee people started using these small beads to create beautiful designs using the two needle appliqué method.

Materials Needed:
Embroidery hoop (6”-8” is ideal)
10” square of wool (felt can be used)
10” square of muslin (any cotton fabric will do)
All purpose sewing thread
Beading needle (size 10/12)
Sewing needle
Seed beads – size 10
Ink Pen

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How to Make Independence Day-Inspired Stamps

Learn how to make your own stamps from items found around your home! This video tutorial takes inspiration from an historical postcard in the Charles M. Russell Collection featuring a patriotic parade.

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) Custom rubber stamps
(Realistic) Cardboard
(Ideal) Professional stamping ink
(Realistic) Acrylic or tempera paint (red, white, & blue are recommended)
Paint brush

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How to Make Sun Prints

As we enjoy the summer sun, learn how to make a sun print using construction paper and items you can find at home. Find inspiration from artworks in the Gilcrease collection and recreate them with sunlight.

Materials Needed:
Black construction paper (or other dark color)
Household objects
A sunny spot that gets at least four hours of sun

Find full instructions here.

The Needle Turn Appliqué Technique

Record your personal history through quilting using the needle turn appliqué technique. This week’s activity is inspired by quilts in the Gilcrease collection and beyond that preserve rich stories and memories. Follow the steps in this video to begin making your very own quilt!

Materials Needed:
Two contrasting colors of cotton fabric (example done with t-shirts)
All purpose sewing thread
Hand sewing needle

Find full instructions here.

How to Make Scratch Art Paper

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) Commercial scratch art paper
(Realistic) Heavy paper and oil pastels (or crayons)
(Ideal) A wooden stylus
(Realistic) A toothpick or chopstick

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How to Make Your Own Palette Knife Painting

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) A professional palette knife
(Realistic) A butter knife, a paint scraper, an X-ACTO knife, or heavy cardstock
(Ideal) Oil paint
(Realistic) Acrylic paint

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How to Weave the Cherokee Pattern Chief’s Daughter

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) Rivercane splits or white oak splits
(Realistic) 1 sheet of white paper, 1 sheet of colored construction paper

Find the full instructions here.

How to make your own drawing ink and stylus

Materials Needed:

(Ideal) A fancy drawing pen
(Realistic) A plastic straw
(Ideal) Professional drawing ink
(Realistic) Home-brewed tea

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How to make a wax-resist painting

Materials Needed:

(Ideal) Wax Resist Sticks
(Realistic) Crayons
(Ideal) Watercolors
(Realistic) Old markers

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How to make vintage paper

Materials Needed:

(Ideal) 243 year old paper
(Realistic) Any other paper
(Realistic) Coffee
(Realistic) Baking sheet or tray
(Realistic) Hairdryer (optional)
(Ideal) Fancy quill pen
(Realistic) Regular ballpoint pen

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How to make nature landscapes

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) Earth tone paint
(Realistic) Mud paint
(Ideal) Chalk Pastels
(Realistic) Sidewalk chalk

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How to Make Cherokee Pucker Toe Moccasins

Materials Needed:
Leather (or similar thick material)
Scissors (for cutting cardboard)
Sharp scissors (for cutting leather)

Find all four tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions here.

How to Make Styrofoam Prints

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) Block printing ink
(Realistic) Leftover house or craft paint
(Ideal) Professional brayer
(Realistic) Empty toilet paper roll
(Ideal) Styrofoam sheets
(Realistic) Old carryout container

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How to Make Cherokee Cornhusk Dolls

Materials Needed:
A pair of scissors
7 pieces of yarn, 6” in length
1” Styrofoam ball
Bowl of water (to soak the cornhusks)

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How to Make a Mixed Media Collage

Create a mixed-media collage inspired by Oklahoma artist Skip Hill. Color and design your own picture using Hill’s signature bird motif.

Materials needed:

4 multicolor oil pastels
1 sheet of black construction paper
Bird template
Gold sharpie

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