How to Make Styrofoam Prints

Materials Needed:

(Ideal) Block printing ink
(Realistic) Leftover house or craft paint
(Ideal) Professional brayer
(Realistic) Empty toilet paper roll
(Ideal) Styrofoam sheets
(Realistic) Old carryout container

Step 1:

Find inspiration by browsing the online collections at We chose Musk Ox by Kananginak Pootoogook, a stone cut on paper.

Step 2:

Draw your design onto the foam with a pen or pencil. Press down to make indentions in the foam. Anywhere you make a line will remain white when the color print is created.

Note: Your print will turn out backwards. Keep this in mind if you are adding letters or words!

Step 3:

Next, use a flat surface like a paper plate to spread your paint. Roll the toilet paper roll across the paint and try to get an even coating.

Step 4:

Roll the paint gently over the surface of your design.

Step 5:

Press the paint side of your design firmly onto a piece of paper.

Step 6:

Peel off the foam to reveal your print!

Tip: Too much paint or not enough? You can reuse your foam print to practice. The foam is easily washable with water, allowing you to experiment with different colors and techniques