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Western Art Collector

Once and Future Visions

Western Art Collector James D. Balestrieri The art world, especially the Western Art world, is riddled with stories. Tall tales, windies, rumors, apocrypha—call them what you will. When you work for an old gallery, like J.N Bartfield in New York, every drawer, every bin, every letter, yellowed and faded with time, is fairly saturated with

Fine Art

Beyond Nature

American Fine Art Magazine James D. Balestrieri Thomas Moran and Thomas Cole spent their early years in the same small city in England: Bolton. Their parents worked in the weaving trade—Moran’s family specialized in textile designs; the Coles were known as fine weavers. Bolton was a hive of cottage industries. But the invention of textile


Putting History into Perspective

Ostracized to the margins of history, minority voices have often been muted. Drowned out by the victors’ version of events, the nuances presented by varied perspectives is missing from history books. But Helmerich Center for American Research’s inaugural Duane H. King Postdoctoral Fellow, Travis Jeffres, is working to provide a megaphone to indigenous people who

Last Word

Last Word with Francisco Treviño

A few years ago, Tulsa started to see many positive changes, first with the resurrection of downtown and everything that came with it: ONEOK Stadium, the BOK Center, Guthrie Green, Woody Guthrie Center, etc. Lately, the light is shining strong on the Gathering Place. I could go on and on about these new Tulsa jewels,

Lending a Voice to History

“Digitization can save the world!” Though typically said with a smile and soft laugh, it is impossible to speak with Gilcrease Museum Director of Digital Collections Diana Folsom and her team and not believe her favorite mantra is true. At face value, digitization saves the object, document or painting in perpetuity. However, the mission of

Meet the Donors

Collecting with Gilcrease in Mind

Most collectors don’t set out to collect art; rather they discover an interest emerging from a series of life experiences. Museum visits are one such experience. In fact, Mr. Gilcrease himself developed his interest in collecting after visiting European museums on business in the mid-1920s. Such is the case with Sharon Bell, who with her

Coats for Kids

Gilcrease to participate in Coats for Kids drive

This holiday season, Gilcrease Museum is proud to participate in the 26th annual Coats for Kids drive. Thousands of Oklahoma families find themselves unable to afford coats during the coldest part of the year, and as a result, Yale Cleaners has partnered with The News on 6 and Catholic Charities for over two decades to

Veterans Day

Gilcrease Museum announces free admission for veterans and active-duty military

In celebration of Veterans Day, Gilcrease Museum is pleased to announce year-round free admission for all active-duty military and veterans beginning November 11, 2019. The museum is honored to welcome those who have served our country and offer free admission to show our appreciation. “Providing free admission to Gilcrease is one way we can show our gratitude

Rock Your Mocs

Rock Your Mocs at Gilcrease

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month and Rock Your Mocs Week, Gilcrease Museum is offering free admission to guests who wear their moccasins to the museum beginning Saturday, Nov. 9, through Saturday, Nov. 16. Throughout the week, Gilcrease Museum will have several stages for visitors wearing their moccasins to photograph their footwear and share