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Art for All

TulsaPeople Magazine December 2018 Tim Landes Hanging inside Gilcrease Museum, less than 10 feet from John James Audubon’s renowned painting “The Wild Turkey,” is a painting by Tulsa artist Jose Antonio Pantoja Hernandez called “Exodus.” Inspired by the millions of migrants fleeing the ongoing Syrian Civil War, the piece is part of the museum’s “Americans

Albert Bierstadt

Gilcrease opens landmark exhibit of artist Albert Bierstadt

Tulsa World Nov. 4, 2018 James Watts One thing Laura Fry has learned during the nearly three years she has spent working on Gilcrease Museum’s latest exhibit is that, when it comes to artist Albert Bierstadt, sometimes smaller is better. Bierstadt is most famous for his epic landscapes of the American West, such as the

Americans All!

Shared Heritage

Tulsa World September 23, 2018 James Watts Next to one of the entrances to the newest exhibit at Gilcrease Museum is Thomas Moran’s painting Columbus Approaching San Salvadore. It is at once a landscape and a narrative, with all the natural elements in the painting — the palm trees, the rocky faces of the cliffs


T.C. Cannon Leaving, Albert Bierstadt Arriving, At Gilcrease Museum In Tulsa September 19, 2018 Art history, like all history, fills its pages with figures who died tragically young. Raphael, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, T.C. Cannon. One of those names will be less familiar to most than the others. The Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK hopes to help change that. Read full article. Albert Bierstadt: Witness to

Fischer Family

A Day at Gilcrease: Following the Fischer Family

What happens when you load up a family of nine with cameras and let them have the museum to themselves? A lot of fun! Follow the Fischer family’s day at Gilcrease as they toured the galleries and explored the Kravis Discovery Center. Capturing every moment along the way, it is easy to see why Gilcrease

Summer GO Program

Gilcrease Teams Up with YMCA to Serve 1,600 Kids

For the second year in a row, Gilcrease participated in the YMCA of Greater Tulsa’s Summer GO program. Located at Wright, Cecilia Clinton, Clinton West and Gilcrease elementary schools, students spent half the day working on core subjects and the other half focusing on the arts, science, technology, engineering, math, nutrition and coding. Gilcrease on

Summer Reading Program

The Art of Storytelling

This summer, Gilcrease launched a partnership with the Tulsa City-County Library (TCCL) as part of its 2018 Summer Reading Program to further foster literacy and connect reading to other disciplines — like art. In June, Gilcrease visited seven TCCL libraries to lead a series of one-hour programs tying storytelling, art and history together through interactive

Curt Selby

Behind the Scenes with Curt Selby, chief preparator

From unpacking art to painting walls and guiding exhibition design, the Gilcrease Museum prep team is behind the scenes making it all happen. We sat down with Chief Preparator Curt Selby to learn more. Q: Where are you from? A: I grew up in Decatur, Illinois (go Cubs!). Q: How long have you worked at

The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma

Gilcrease Museum and The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma Team Up

As one of the most highly anticipated exhibitions on the 2018 calendar, Gilcrease Museum is excited to team up with The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma for Albert Bierstadt: Witness to a Changing West to highlight the impact Bierstadt’s work had on the conservation movement. While Bierstadt is most widely known for his beautiful landscape paintings

Hans Helmerich

A Message from the National Advisory Board Chair – Fall 2018

I am happy to serve as chairman of the Gilcrease National Advisory Board at an exciting moment in the museum’s history. We are fully engaged in planning the museum’s renovation and expansion that will launch in the coming year. The steps we take now are critically important to the future of the museum as well