Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Gilcrease volunteers have the opportunity to serve in the premier museum of Western American art, to work with beautiful and interesting treasures of the past, to broaden their knowledge in American history and art, and to associate with other people who share the same interests.

For more information, contact Mia Hoskison at mia-hoskison@utulsa.edu or 918-596-2796.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gillie?

A Gillie is a member of the volunteer organization of Gilcrease Museum. The organization was founded in 1967 and currently has a membership of around 200 dedicated volunteers. Every Gilcrease Museum volunteer must be a member of The Gillies as well as a member of Gilcrease Museum.

Purpose: The Gillies provide volunteer service to the Museum in various areas of its operation.

People: The Gillies are men and women from varied backgrounds and age groups.

What kinds of service do Gillies perform?

The Gillies volunteer in both public and behind-the-scenes areas of the museum.

Public positions include serving as docents, assisting at the greeter desk, presenting Speaking of Gilcrease (off-site lecture and visual presentations for adults), presenting Gilcrease Goes to School (off-site lecture and visual presentations for students), facilitating in the Kravis Discovery Center, serving as garden guides, and assisting in the Museum Store.

Gillies also volunteer behind-the-scenes in various departments, including anthropology, archives, digital curation, and the museum development office.

What is the time commitment of a Gillie?

A Gillie is required to donate 30 service hours per year to the museum. In the first year, interns are required to donate only 20 hours of museum service, after finishing their training.

What kind of training is required?

The training, which is conducted by senior Gillies in the classroom and galleries, is a survey of the Gilcrease collection: paintings, sculptures, books, documents, and artifacts. In addition, museum curators may conduct lectures and tours in their areas. The training sessions usually last from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., two days a week for five weeks. Additional training is required to become a Docent. Some additional training may also be required for other service areas.

When is the training?

Training begins in September. Docent training is scheduled after Gillie training is completed.

What are the benefits?

Gillies enjoy life-long learning, new friendships, travel opportunities and the pleasure of serving and promoting a Tulsa treasure.