Maker Moment: Independence Day-Inspired Stamps

Learn how to make your own stamps from items found around your home! This video tutorial takes inspiration from a historical postcard in the Charles M. Russell Collection featuring a patriotic parade.

Materials Needed:

(Ideal) Custom rubber stamps
(Realistic) Cardboard
(Ideal) Professional stamping ink
(Realistic) Acrylic or tempera paint (red, white, & blue are recommended)
Paint brush

Step 1:

Using spare cardboard from a leftover box, draw different sized stars and stripes.

Step 2:

Use scissors to cut out your shapes and glue them to another, larger piece of cardboard. Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 3:

Paint your homemade stamps with a thick layer of acrylic or tempera. Press firmly to a piece of paper to transfer the image.

Step 4:

If you are doing this activity with a child, you can take turns stamping different parts of the paper. This game will slowly create an abstract design that is one of a kind

Did you know?

The American flag has undergone a number of design alterations since it was first introduced in 1775. In this historical postcard, the U.S. flag in the foreground features forty-eight stars, representing the addition of New Mexico and Arizona in 1912. Look closely at the other flags in this image. What other configurations of the stars and stripes can you find? While not all of these versions have been used in an official capacity, the main motifs and colors have served as an endless source of inspiration for the American people. Find more information about Postcard of Parade in the Gilcrease Online Collection.