Engage and Learn

Explore the world of art and culture, and have a little fun too!

Programs at Gilcrease Museum

For Adults and Families

Gilcrease Museum strives to provide excellent educational opportunities for all ages. Art courses, camps, demonstrations, lectures, programs for toddlers, and musical performances are offered throughout the year. Many of these programs are designed to complement exhibitions on display. At Gilcrease Museum, education is a top priority – just as it was for Thomas Gilcrease. Please see our Events Calendar for specific dates and times.

Interactive Spaces at Gilcrease

Gilcrease Museum offers several interactive spaces. Perhaps you’ve been to a museum where everything was “hands off.” That’s not the way here. We want visitors to experience art in every way possible.

Gilcrease in the Classroom

Through our Gilcrease Goes to School (K-12th grade) and Art Sparks (K-6th grade) programs, docents visit your school to present the program of your choice as it relates to the Americas and its inhabitants. Presentations are written with the PASS Objectives in mind and are designed to complement history and art curricula.