Gathering CornNorma Howard

Culture:Choctaw, Chickasaw
Date: 1998
Material: Watercolor
Dimensions:30.6 x 39.7 cm
Accession Number: 02.1949

A Choctaw family harvests corn by summer moonlight. Wearing a traditional yellow dress, the mother carries a kishi (a type of Choctaw basket) on her back. The father places corn into an already full basket, and the rows of ripe cornstalks behind the family indicate an abundant harvest. Children join the adults as they work, reflecting care for family and community as well as the land. Corn is vitally important to the Choctaw as a source of physical and spiritual nourishment.

Ways to Engage

Companion Videos

Learn about the artist and her work

Listen to Norma Howard discuss her life and artwork. This interview was conducted as part of the Oklahoma Native Artists Oral History Project at the Oklahoma State University Library.

Mindful Looking

Slow down and soak in the painting’s details with a mindful-looking experience guided by Community Engagement Manager Mia Hoskison.

Art Activity

Make your own colorful corn mosaics in this art activity led by Youth & Family Programs Specialist Mery McNett.