Forest Scene Pop Chalee (Merina Lujan)

Culture:Taos Pueblo
Date: ca. 1950
Material: Tempera on paper
Dimensions: 50.2 x 65 cm
Accession Number:02.527

Pop Chalee spent her childhood summers in Taos, New Mexico. She carefully observed nature and listened to her grandfather’s stories about an enchanted forest. Details of animals and plants in Forest Scene reflect the artist’s love for Taos Pueblo. Whimsical blue deer, pink bears and trees from the artist’s imagination enliven the painting. Look for 3 porcupines, 4 skunks, 5 birds, 2 purple butterflies, 9 trees, and 5 plants with yellow flowers in the forest.

Companion Videos

Learn about the artist and her work

Listen to Dr. Chelsea Herr (Choctaw), Jack and Maxine Zarrow Curator of Indigenous Art and Culture, talk about the painting and the artist’s life.

Mindful Looking

Unwind and take in the painting’s details with a mindful looking experience guided by Community Engagement Manager, Mia Hoskison

Art Activity

Make your own nature paintbrushes in this art tutorial led by School & Educator Programs Manager, Katie Dokes.


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November 12, 2022

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