Important Information for Prospective Donors

Important Information for Prospective Donors

The Gilcrease Museum Acquisitions Process

Gilcrease Museum is owned by the City of Tulsa, and as such, all non-cash gifts to Gilcrease Museum must be approved for acceptance into the collection (acquisition) by a series of entities including various museum committees as well as the Tulsa City Council and the Mayor of Tulsa. This process may take several months following the receipt of your offered gift at Gilcrease Museum. Your patience is appreciated. Please be aware that the approval process is in place to ensure that the museum’s collection maintains the highest quality for the benefit of donors as well as the visiting public. If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact the Museum Registrar’s office at 918-596-2765.

Terms and Conditions of Gifts to Gilcrease Museum

  • By execution of this Deed of Gift, the Donor represents and warrants to Gilcrease Museum that s/he is the sole owner of title to the item(s) conveyed and possesses full power and authority to give these items to Gilcrease Museum.
  • The Donor acknowledges that due to limited gallery space, the policy of changing exhibitions, and the adherence to accepted museum standards of avoiding undue strain on collection materials, Gilcrease Museum has not promised, and is in no way obligated, to exhibit any items thus deeded.
  • The Donor agrees that upon execution of this Deed of Gift, the items listed shall be irrevocably transferred to and considered the property of Gilcrease Museum, and may be displayed, researched, stored, maintained, reproduced or discharged in any fashion deemed suitable by Gilcrease Museum.
  • The Donor understands that Gilcrease Museum, at its discretion, may incorporate donated items into research, educational, and secondary collections, recognizing that such materials are not formally tracked and are considered of an expendable nature.
  • Gifts to Gilcrease Museum are deductible from taxable income in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Income Tax Law; however, the museum does not perform appraisals and will make no declaration of the value of any donated item.

Gilcrease Museum Mission Statement

Gilcrease Museum, through its collections, is dedicated to bringing art, history, and people together to research, discover, enjoy, and understand the diverse heritage of the Americas.

Gilcrease Museum Collecting Scope

Gilcrease Museum collections are comprised of artwork, artifacts and archival materials of broad significance to the prehistory, history and contemporary cultures of the Americas.

Should you have any questions regarding the Gilcrease Museum acquisitions process, please do not hesitate to contact the Museum Registrar’s office at 918-596-2765.