Gilcrease Museum Donors

The Gilcrease Council

The Gilcrease Council is made up of friends who have created a stronger Museum with five-year commitments starting at $5,000 annually.

Founders Council

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation
H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
The Helmerich Trust
George Kaiser Family Foundation
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Benefactors Council

Phyllis N. and George S. Dotson
Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation

Patrons Council

Margery Mayo Bird Foundation
J.A. Chapman and Leta M. Chapman Charitable Trust
Cheryl and Richard Groenendyke, Jr.
Bonnie Klein
Helen G. and Andrew D. MacKay
Marcia and Ron MacLeod
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
Sherman E. Smith Family Charitable Foundation
Harold A. and Edna L. White Foundation

Leaders Council

Joanie and Tom Atkinson
Max N. Berry
Irene Burnstein
Diane K. and K. Wiley Cox
Elizabeth Griot Hagans
Shelley and Steve Jackson
Susan B. and Robert W. Jackson
Tom and Judy King
Jane and Thomas A. Petrie
Brenda and Wilson Pipestem
John and Rebecca Porter
C.W. Titus Foundation

Friends Council

Carol and David Adelson
Ellen and Stephen Adelson
Phyllis Bryce and Steven R. Anderson
Kathryn V. and James F. Arens – The Trust Company of Oklahoma
Robin Ballenger
Barnett Family Foundation
Virginia B. and Robert L. Bayless Jr.
Rhonda and Robert S. Boswell
John Brock
Doug Campbell
Sharon Coffman
Janet and Frederick Drummond
Wendy and Gentner Drummond
Ruthie and Steve Duenner
David and Donna Dutton
Dr. Alan Feen
Jean M. and Randy A. Foutch
Susan and Richard R. Frazier
Sandra K. and Kent J. Harrell
William P. Healey
Pam and Steve Holton
Judy and Robert S. James
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Lawson, Jr.
Holbrook Lawson and Rick Holder
Patsy Lyon
Teri and Marc Maun
Marcia V. Mayo
James D. and Cathryn M. Moore Foundation
Ruth Nelson and Tom Murphy
Mia Mascarin Oven and Herbert C. Oven Jr.
Patricia Savage
Karen and Bill Scoggins
Milann H. Siegfried
Dee Dee and Jon Stuart
Susan and William F. Thomas
The Robert S. and Helen Grey Trippet Foundation, Inc.
Peggy Upham
Patricia W. Wheeler
Randi and Fred Wightman
Helen L. and L. Duane Wilson

Gilcrease on Wheels Donors

Pam and Steve Holton
Frank Family Foundation
Windgate Charitable Foundation
Kirkpatrick Foundation
Sylvia Ewing Hill
Sam Viersen Family Foundation
WPX Energy
Marcia and Ron MacLeod
Ener West Trading Company
Jennie Smith Trust
Williams Companies Foundation
Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation
Carol and Frank Mulhern
Kathleen P. Westby Foundation
GE Foundation