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Slow Art Celebration

Guided Looking Experience

Take the time to slow down, relax and treat yourself to beautiful art for Slow Art Day 2020. At Gilcrease, we celebrate this holiday annually at with guided slow art experiences in our galleries on Slow Art Day. This year is no different. In fact, we’re celebrating Slow Art Day all month long!

Enjoy this slow art video featuring “Watching the Breakers” by Winslow Homer and look below for more guided looking activities to use with our online collection. Keep an eye out for more as we continue to celebrate Slow Art Day.

The painting featured in this video is “Watching the Breakers” by Winslow Homer. Take a closer look at this piece here.

Bilingual Guided Looking Activities

Enjoy these free guided looking activities that you can apply to any piece of art in our online collection. Once there, use the search bar to find art with features that interest you like watercolor or animals. If you would like to browse the thousands of pieces at your leisure, click this link to look through the entire online art collection.

Click here to download the guided looking activities in English.
Click here to download the guided looking activities in Spanish.