Curriculum Themes and Scheduling

Curriculum Themes and Scheduling

Teachers may choose from three curriculum themes:

3rd Grade
Sombreros and Spurs

Are real cowboys and cowgirls just as they are shown in the movies? Listen to stories, look at artwork that separates myths from reality and learn some tricks of the trade with hands-on activities.

4th Grade
Gather Around the Campfire

Storytelling is a timeless and important part of history. Join Gilcrease on Wheels to discover how art tells stories, and make your own story dice with images that will inspire you, your family and friends to create stories together.

5th Grade
The Art of Conservation: Picturing the Great Outdoors

Learn about the role artists have played in nature conservation, make your own conservation-themed postcard and get inspired to preserve the lands and wildlife of North America.

These three exhibits contain historical information, touch-and-feel items, SmArt Cards and facsimiles of documents and artwork from the museum’s collection. Each session is also enriched with educational artifacts and interactive technology from the museum.

Schedule a Visit

Gilcrease on Wheels is a mobile museum experience that brings art and social studies to third, fourth and fifth grade students in rural Oklahoma. Trained educators travel with the Gilcrease on Wheels exhibit to schools, libraries and community centers.

Our traveling museum exhibit consists of three curriculum themes that coincide with each grade level: Oklahoma history for third grade, Native American culture for fourth grade and U.S. history for fifth grade. Each theme includes a discussion, unique art activity and a photo opportunity. Appropriate set up locations for Gilcrease on Wheels exhibits include cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries, stages, or any available classroom. Gilcrease on Wheels visits that extend beyond one day will also require a space where the exhibit can be secured.

The program is 60 minutes per class. It will consist of a discussion-based lesson with demonstrations, an art activity and exploring with technology and artifacts. Presentations are available for third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms.

To schedule a Gilcrease on Wheels visit, please contact the program manager at 918-596-2790 or