Gilcrease Goes to School

Gilcrease Goes to School

Through our Gilcrease Goes to School (K-12th grade) program, docents visit your school to present the program of your choice as it relates to the Americas and its inhabitants. Presentations are written with the PASS Objectives in mind and are designed to complement history and art curricula.

Presentations may be used in one of three ways: as a stand-alone visit, we can present any program to your class as a way to introduce or enhance a curriculum unit; secondly, if you have a tour at the museum already scheduled, a Gilcrease Goes to School presentation can serve as a pre-museum visit. Our docents will introduce your class to what they will see and what they can expect during their trip to Gilcrease; and finally, if your group has already visited the museum, we can schedule a post-museum presentation.

Through Gilcrease Goes to School, docents will lead students through an exploration of different times, places, and people with images and artifacts from the Gilcrease collection.

Programs are presented at no cost to your school.


To schedule your presentation, please complete and submit a Tour Reservation Form. For additional information, please email Presentations are available for kindergarten through 12th grade, except where noted. Gilcrease Goes To School and Art Sparks may be scheduled any weekday, based on availability.


Select a Gilcrease Goes to School topic from the following list:

First Visit

The First Visit Gilcrease Goes to School program is the companion pre-visit outreach program for the First Visit museum tour (and is intended to be used as a pre-visit for this tour only). The program will help prepare students for their museum visit and exposure to the art, cultural artifacts and historical objects they will see when they tour the museum in the days following this in-class presentation.

Grade Levels: K – 1st

Boots and Moccasins

Boots and Moccasins takes kids on a journey through the West using images by Remington, Russell and Catlin that show life on the trail.

Grade Levels: Pre-K

The Adventures of Buffy and Ralphy

Geared for younger students, The Adventures of Buffy and Ralphy is the story of two young buffaloes (bison) who decide to go on an adventure to find new friends.  Every buffalo is taught to “take care of the Good Earth” with larger animals living in peaceful harmony with the smaller ones.

Grade Levels: Pre-K (Four years old and up) – 3rd

American History through American Art

American History through American Art chronicles American history from the pre-historic period to the modern era using artifacts and representations of portraits, history paintings, landscapes and genre paintings.

Grade levels: 3rd – 5th

Oklahoma History

Oklahoma History tells the story of our state from Ice Age mammoths through statehood.

Grade levels: K – 5th

American Indians

American Indians explores the buffalo dances, storytellers, games, traders, warfare and lifestyles of the American Indians.

Grade levels: Pre-K (Four years old and up)

Regions of America

Regions of America presents art and artists from the American East, West and Southwest. The formal elements of art are discussed as students explore the diverse artistic styles.

Grade levels: K – 5th

Westward Movement

Westward Movement will take students back in time and show them various aspects of our expansion west. Subjects include Daniel Boone, Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark, animals, Indians, settlers, hunters, traders, trappers, cowboys, cattle, soldiers and transportation.

Grade levels: K – 5th

Enduring Spirit: Native American Art

Enduring Spirit: Native American Art takes a regional look at the art made by native peoples from the Great Plains, Indian Territory, the East, the Southwest and the Northwest Coast.

Grade levels: K – 5th

Treasures of Other Americas

Treasures of Other Americas teaches students about the life and culture south of the border from ancient to modern times. Highlights include Mexican masks and paintings, effigies from ancient civilizations and Incan artifacts.

Grade levels: K – 5th


For questions or information concerning the Gilcrease Goes to School program contact