Transportation Funding

Transportation Funding

Guidelines for Obtaining Transportation Funding

Gilcrease Museum will reimburse your school district up to $250.00 per bus for student visits to the museum. In order to qualify for bus reimbursements, your school must be a public institution. Funding is limited, and available on a first come, first served basis. Reimbursements are based on: $ 24.00/bus charge, $1.50 per mile and $16.00 per hour for driver time (drive and wait time).

To receive transportation reimbursements you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Prior to your museum visit: Schedule your tour and request for bus funding on our Tour Reservation Form.
  2. Prior to your museum visit: Provide an estimate of the total transportation reimbursement you are requesting at least 7 days prior to your museum visit. You may fax, email or mail this estimate.
  3. During your museum visit: Please make sure your students are on their best behavior while visiting the museum and grounds. Gilcrease is Tulsa’s museum and we want to preserve its collection for the next generation of students. In the unlikely event a group’s behavior is deemed unacceptable by museum security, staff, or tour docents, bus reimbursement funds may not be awarded.
  4. Following your museum visit, to receive transportation funding you must:
    a.) Complete a Museum Visit Evaluation: Submit the completed evaluation to Donna Gainey, the museum’s Tour Coordinator. These can be mailed, faxed or emailed or completed online. The evaluation must be received within three weeks of your visit.
    b.) Have your transportation department invoice the museum for the transportation costs of your visit based on the earlier estimate.

Please note: If these guidelines are not followed and we do not receive an invoice within 45 days of your visit, transportation reimbursement funds will not be provided.

Please address all correspondence to the attention of:
Donna Gainey, Tour Coordinator
1400 North Gilcrease Museum Road
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
Phone: 918-596-2782
Fax: 918-596-2770