While at the Museum (Museum Manners for Students)

Before your museum visit, please take a few minutes to review these tips with your students. In order to have the best museum experience possible, please keep the following guidelines in mind. If you have any questions, museum staff or our docents will be happy to help you.

  • Please help us preserve the works of art at Gilcrease Museum by not touching paintings, sculptures, artifacts, works on paper or any other museum object. Ask your students to keep their hands behind their backs, in their pockets, or at their sides. We ask that your students not chew gum, carry food or drinks while in the museum.
  • Use quiet, inside voices while walking through the museum galleries. Being at the museum and seeing works of art can be an exciting experience. Remind your students not to let their excitement infringe on other visitors’ museum experiences.
  • Remind students to stay with their group while exploring the museum. Talking with classmates and teachers about the art that they see is a great way to learn more about it. This is done easily if students stay together and with an adult at all times.
  • Leave all backpacks, large purses, umbrellas, sack lunches, or other bulky items on the bus while touring the museum. Also, please turn off and refrain from using cell phones while in the museum.