Wild West’s Black Cowboys Featured In Gilcrease Museum Exhibit

Wild West's Black Cowboys Featured In Gilcrease Museum ExhibitNews On 6
Rick Wells

TULSA, Oklahoma – A new exhibit at the Gilcrease Museum shows a different side of what it was like to be a cowboy in the 50s. The Chisholm Kid cartoon strip display features an African-American cowboy hero.

The Chisholm Kid is the lone fighter for justice for all – and the Gilcrease’s newest exhibit. Mark Dolph is the Curator of History.

The Chisholm Kid was a comic strip that debuted in August of 1950 and lasted for a little over four years.

“It was part of an eight-page color comic strip insert in The Pittsburgh Courier, the premiere African-American newspaper of the day,” said Mark Dolph, Curator of History.

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This exhibition is now on view. Learn more about The Chisholm Kid: Lone Fighter for Justice for All