When news becomes history: Gilcrease brings ‘Pulitzer Prize Photographs’ exhibit to Tulsa

Pulitzer Prize PhotographsTulsa World
James D. Watts Jr.

It was one time when Mark Dolph was quite happy to miss the bus.

Dolph, the curator of history at Gilcrease Museum, was in Washington, D.C., about four years ago to take part in a conference, for which one of the planned activities was a visit to the Newseum, the museum devoted to journalism and the First Amendment.

One of the exhibits on display was of photographs that had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Photography.

“I was just totally captivated by what I saw,” Dolph said. “I think I was there for at least three hours until they came and said I had to leave because the museum was closing. I even missed the bus that was supposed to take us back to our hotel.

“It was one of the most powerful and emotional exhibits I had ever seen,” he said. “I had just started as a curator at Gilcrease, and I came away from that experience thinking that this is just the sort of show we needed to have at Gilcrease.”

“Pulitzer Prize Photographs” opens Friday, March 29, at the museum and will remain on display through July 14.

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