Rethinking Colonialism in Mexico and the Americas: Past, Present and Future

Rethinking ColonialismLa Semana

TULSA, OK – Scholars and community leaders from across the country will meet in Tulsa on November 1 to reexamine Spanish colonialism and promote current dialogue on hot topics such as migration, immigration and cultural identities at the Helmerich Center for American Research during a one-day conference.

Framed by centenary documents that provide first-hand accounts of events that occurred since the arrival of the Spaniards in the Americas, including a handwritten letter by the son of Christopher Columbus, “Rethinking colonialism in Mexico and the Americas: past, present and future “will explore the Spanish colonial period from multiple perspectives and expand historical narratives.

The collection of Spanish colonial manuscripts contains approximately 26,000 pages of original documents from Mexico dating from 1512 to 1857, one of the first being a letter written by the son of Christopher Columbus. With records documenting blasphemy, misconduct in office, bigamy, astrology, theft, debt, personal judgments about property and inheritance, and some intended to secure a title of nobility by demonstrating family ancestry.

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