Gilcrease Museum Receives $890,000 Henry Luce Foundation Grant to Study Native American and Moran Art

Luce GrantNative News Online

Gilcrease Museum today announced it has been named a recipient of a three-year grant from the Henry Luce Foundation totaling $890,000. This award from the foundation’s American Art Program will result in focused research, conservation treatments and digital curation of two large Gilcrease collections ultimately providing enhanced knowledge and access to more than 3,800 objects.

Specifically, the grant will support projects including works on paper by Thomas Moran and Mary Nimmo Moran and Native American painting traditions in Oklahoma. Rarely have the Morans’ works on paper been on view at Gilcrease or loaned to other institutions because of their fragility, yet Gilcrease boasts the largest, most comprehensive collection of the couple’s works (more than 2,300 combined). Additionally, the Gilcrease collection of Native American narrative paintings spans more than 150 years and consists of more than 1,500 objects from hide paintings to ledger drawings, tempera paintings and contemporary art.

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