Kravis Discovery Center

Located on the museum’s lower level, the Kravis Discovery Center is an interactive and immersive collections display, showcasing a portion of the museum’s artifacts and ethnographic material relating to the early history of the Americas.

The Interactive Discovery Trail uses 3D soundscapes and innovative display solutions to tell the story of native people and cultures of North, Central and South America through the 4,000 artifacts and objects on display. Visitors may immerse themselves within the Discovery Trail using a range of technologies, including hand-held tablets, which provide rare insight into the lives of the people who created and used the objects.

For school groups, families or other groups visiting the museum together, the technology can identify the exact location of each user allowing visitors to be grouped into teams and directed around the experience ultimately tracking their progress and recording their score as they answer curriculum-centric questions along the trail.

Additionally, the Interactive Discovery Trail is designed to complement the Oklahoma school content standards for the public school groups that tour the space yearly.

The Kravis Discovery Center is funded by the Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation and George R. Kravis II.

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