How to Make Scratch Art Paper

Learn how to make your own scratch art paper inspired by the brilliant rainbow of colors found in the Gilcrease gardens.

The themed gardens at Gilcrease were developed on 23 of the museum’s 460 acres. Nestled in the Osage Hills, the historic theme gardens and adjacent Stuart Park are a wonderful part of visiting Gilcrease Museum. You can find all the colors of the rainbow at Gilcrease including red tomatoes, yellow daffodils, green kale, purple wisteria, pink and white peonies, and more! Visit the grounds or look in your own backyard to see which colors you can discover. Learn more about the gardens.

Materials Needed:
(Ideal) Commercial scratch art paper
(Realistic) Heavy paper and oil pastels (or crayons)
(Ideal) A wooden stylus
(Realistic) A toothpick or chopstick

Step 1:

Using heavy paper or cardstock of any size, cover it completely with your pastels or crayons using the colors of the rainbow. You will need to press hard to get a fully saturated color. The smaller the paper, the faster your project will go.

Step 2:

When finished, use a black oil pastel or crayon to cover the surface. When scratched away, the rainbow of colors will be revealed underneath.

Step 3:

Use your toothpick, chopstick, or other wooden tool to draw on the paper. You can use images of the Gilcrease gardens online for inspiration or visit in person (using safe social distancing) to draw your favorite plants and flowers. Even your own backyard or neighborhood will work. Can you draw one thing from every color of the rainbow?

When your artwork is complete, you can cut it into different shapes or use it as collage material to transform your creation.