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Internal Grants

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The Helmerich Center for American Research encourages cross-disciplinary and intra-institutional collaboration between Gilcrease Museum, the Helmerich Center and The University of Tulsa (TU). Each initiative asks applicants to identify a research, teaching, or curricular initiative utilizing the Helmerich Center, Gilcrease and McFarlin resources, individually or in combination. Proposals will require a team of two or more researchers, representing different units or disciplines across TU, Gilcrease and/or the Helmerich Center.

The program is designed to promote a diverse array of potential applications, thus opportunities are divided into separate categories. Applicants must choose one of the following programs. Awards will carry a stipend, up to $5,000, with amounts determined by the number of collaborators and proposed budget.

Applications for all grant initiatives must include a narrative, rationale, budget, and implementation/assessment. Submit materials to by July 1, 2020.


Collaborative Research Project

This initiative supports interdisciplinary research utilizing the Helmerich Center and associated collections. Applicants must demonstrate the project’s scholarly significance and relevant collections. Proposals must explain the centrality of cross disciplinary methods and perspectives to this project and identify potential outcomes. Successful applicants will be required to file a brief report at the close of the granting cycle and identify an outcome.

Collaborative Teaching and Course Development

This initiative supports the development of new courses, or the revision of existing courses utilizing the Helmerich Center and associated collections. Proposals must demonstrate the educational and curricular value of new or revised classes, explain their interdisciplinary components, and commit to teaching the class or classes within a year following the close of the grant cycle.

Developing Curricular Materials

This initiative sees the Helmerich Center and associated materials as a rich resource for classroom use. Products may include document readers, images, study guides, online materials, and other classroom applications. Proposals will identify relevant collections, the overall focus of materials collection, their application to new or revised classes, and means for dissemination (electronic, etc.).

Book Projects and Small Symposia

This initiative encourages TU faculty to design a book or other scholarly project involving scholars from other institutions. The preferred structure will revolve around two visits, a fall meeting to outline the project and allocate essays to TU and invited scholars, with the spring meeting dedicated to reviewing essay drafts, shaping the final project, and offering a presentation open to TU and Gilcrease faculty and staff. A team of TU faculty and/or staff will serve as project directors/editors, and manage deadlines and communication between participants throughout the grant cycle. Proposals will demonstrate the topic’s scholarly significance, where it intersects with collecting areas at the Helmerich Center, Gilcrease, and McFarlin, and no more than five external participants.