About HCAR

The Helmerich Center for American Research

Through innovative research, institutional collaborations, publications, educational programming, digital services, visiting scholars programs, and research fellowships, the Helmerich Center for American Research is dedicated to enhance our understanding of human society and culture.
The Helmerich Center for American Research at Gilcrease Museum houses the Gilcrease Library and Archive containing more than 100,000 rare books, documents, maps and unpublished works. The collection includes a vast archive of printed documents, dating back to the time of Columbus, that detail the Spanish arrival in the Americas, as well as the New England colonies, Westward expansion and the experiences of America’s native peoples.

As an institute for collections-based research, the center supports and creates opportunities for research and scholarship in the humanities. Visiting faculty, students, and scholars from around the world visit the 25,000 square-foot-facility to conduct research on the museum’s archival material.

The Helmerich Center for American Research is supported by the generosity of individual donors, grants from public and private institutes, and corporate philanthropy.

Mission Statement

The Helmerich Center for American Research fosters conversations among scholars from diverse disciplines connected through their shared focus on the Americas, supporting individual scholars in their study of collections housed at the Helmerich Center, Gilcrease Museum, and TU’s McFarlin Library. In support of The University of Tulsa’s mission, the Helmerich Center through scholar engagement is the bridge between the museum and its collections to the University and the larger research community.

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