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PastAssignment Tulsa

March 5, 2021 - July 4, 2021


Gilcrease Museum, in partnership with the Photographers of Tulsa Group (PHOTOG), is pleased to present Assignment Tulsa. This exhibition, through the art of photography, showcases the many things that make Tulsa such a special place to live. Assignment Tulsa is also visual evidence of the skills and creativity of the PHOTOG members who participated.

Last summer, beginning in July, and running through November, these photographers participated in a contest that became Assignment Tulsa. While unimaginable at the time the contest was conceived, all of the photographs would be taken during a global pandemic. Evidence of the pandemic and the social justice protests of the summer of 2020 is seen in several of the photographs.

The overarching subject for Assignment Tulsa is Tulsa, with each of the five months having a specific theme:

  • July – Tulsa Buildings
  • August – Tulsa Icons
  • September – Tulsa Parks
  • October – Tulsa People
  • November – Photographs could be of any subject so long as they presented our city in some form or fashion

PHOTOG photographers could submit one photograph each month. Each month’s winning photographs were selected by a panel of three judges not affiliated with PHOTOG. A total of 156 photographs were entered during the five months of the contest.

The result is Assignment Tulsa, presenting the 49 winning photographs taken by 26 different PHOTOG photographers.

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March 5, 2021 - July 4, 2021