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Phil Applegate

Behind the Scenes with Phil Applegate, Groundskeeper

Beyond the extensive Gilcrease collection and exhibits, visitors can experience our beautiful landscape. We caught up with Phil Applegate to learn more about what it takes to care for our historic theme gardens. Q: Where were you born? A: Right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Q: How did you find your passion for gardening? A: I’d


Art for the Generations

To Mary Elliott, involvement in Gilcrease Museum is a part of her family legacy. Her parents, Dan and Neva Brannin, established an endowment fund benefitting the museum after their many years supporting Gilcrease and becoming inspired to collect art. Mary and her siblings, Clark, Nancy and Graham serve as trustees of their parents foundation, which


Recall/Respond: Tulsa Artist Fellowship & Gilcrease Museum Collaboration

When Thomas Gilcrease built his art collection through the 1940s and 1950s, he frequently worked with contemporary artists of his day. Woody Crumbo, a Potawatomi artist from Oklahoma, advised Gilcrease and helped guide his acquisitions of Native American art. Mr. Gilcrease established an artist in residence program in the 40s and 50s to support regional

TC Cannon

Gilcrease : A Mirror of the American Identity

The concept of American identity often conjures images of thick-skinned explorers and triumphant western expansion. Indeed, Gilcrease Museum is known for world-class American western art celebrating names like Thomas Moran and Frederic Remington. But this collection also contains a more nuanced story, wherein the ideology of manifest destiny throughout the American continents is stained by

Mark Davidson Headshot

Inside Look: The Bob Dylan Archive®

Bob Dylan: Face Value and Beyond is not the only thing drawing visitors from far and wide to Gilcrease Museum. The Bob Dylan Archive®, housed in The University of Tulsa’s Helmerich Center for American Research on the Gilcrease campus, attracts researchers from around the world seeking to dive deeper into the legacy of the folk

Susan Neal Headshot

Director’s Report

We continue to be amazed at all of the wonderful things happening in Tulsa’s arts scene and take pride in becoming more integrally woven into our city’s cultural fabric. This is due largely to presenting exhibitions and programming that resonate with both the city and national conversations, and striking a balance between relevance and fun.

Bob Dylan at Face Value

Taking Bob Dylan at Face Value

Mason Whitehorn Powell Face Value is a collection of 12 portraits in pastel by Bob Dylan that were first unveiled at the London National Portrait Gallery in 2013. These works are featured in their regional debut at the Gilcrease exhibition Bob Dylan: Face Value and Beyond, which runs through Sept. 15, 2019. Dylan’s portraiture will

Tony Moore

The Last Word with Tony Moore

Saltatio is the Latin word for renaissance; meaning a rebirth or a renewal of interest. So appropriately, I coined a new term… Tulsa-ltatio, pronounced Tul-salt-ta-tio, meaning the renaissance of Tulsa. As in the great European Renaissance, where religion, art, politics and economics influenced the cultural rebirth, I believe that Tulsa is experiencing a revival of its own.

Keeping an Eye on the Archive

Keeping an Eye on the Archives

Renee Harvey, librarian/archivist at the Helmerich Center for American Research (HCAR) at Gilcrease, is a self-proclaimed bookworm. “My love for books goes back to my first Little Golden Book,” said Harvey. “I remember holding the book in my hands and thinking it was the most magical thing ever and it was all mine. My love

Partnership in Action

Partnership in Action

The University of Tulsa (TU) and Gilcrease Museum partnership is much more than in name only. Featured below are a few of the latest collaboration efforts by TU students who are at Gilcrease daily, furthering scholarship on both campuses. By the Numbers (June 2018-Spring 2019) • 18 TU internships at Gilcrease (graduate and undergraduate) •