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Race Massacre Image

Gilcrease Museum to Receive Eddie Faye Gates Tulsa Race Massacre Collection

Gilcrease is commemorating the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre now. Find out more about the Eddie Faye Gates Tulsa Race Massacre collection on the collections website. The Black Wall Street Times TULSA, Okla. – The Gilcrease Museum announced yesterday it has received the Eddie Faye Gates Tulsa Race Massacre Collection, which contains a wealth of eyewitness

Billy Smith

Meet the new assistant director of the Helmerich Center for American Research

Dr. William Smith, who recently joined the Gilcrease Museum team with a rich background in history and a clear vision for furthering the mission of the Helmerich Center. What’s your hometown? I was raised in Marlow, a small town in southwest Oklahoma. I lived in Norman, Oklahoma, and South Bend, Indiana, for several years. More

Mellon Grant

Gilcrease Museum earns $500,000 Mellon Foundation grant

Tulsa World James D. Watts A $500,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will help Gilcrease Museum in its ongoing efforts to research and assess its wide-ranging Native American collections of art and artifacts. The grant is the second major grant the museum has received in the past year. In 2019, the museum received

Fine Art

Beyond Nature

American Fine Art Magazine James D. Balestrieri Thomas Moran and Thomas Cole spent their early years in the same small city in England: Bolton. Their parents worked in the weaving trade—Moran’s family specialized in textile designs; the Coles were known as fine weavers. Bolton was a hive of cottage industries. But the invention of textile

Lending a Voice to History

“Digitization can save the world!” Though typically said with a smile and soft laugh, it is impossible to speak with Gilcrease Museum Director of Digital Collections Diana Folsom and her team and not believe her favorite mantra is true. At face value, digitization saves the object, document or painting in perpetuity. However, the mission of

When Montezuma Met Cortez

“When Montezuma Met Cortés: The True Story Behind the Meeting that Changed History”

StudioTulsa Rich Fisher Our guest is Dr. Matthew Restall, a Professor of Latin American History and Anthropology at Pennsylvania State University. He tells us about his 2018 book, “When Montezuma Met Cortés: The True Story Behind the Meeting that Changed History.” As was noted in the pages of The New Yorker: “Restall skillfully describes a

Rethinking Colonialism

Rethinking Colonialism in Mexico and the Americas: Past, Present and Future

La Semana TULSA, OK – Scholars and community leaders from across the country will meet in Tulsa on November 1 to reexamine Spanish colonialism and promote current dialogue on hot topics such as migration, immigration and cultural identities at the Helmerich Center for American Research during a one-day conference. Framed by centenary documents that provide

Exploration and Education: Inaugural Duane H. King Postdoctoral Fellow

 This fall, the Helmerich Center for American Research welcomed its inaugural Duane H. King Postdoctoral Fellow, Travis Jeffres. Jeffres is a historian of colonial and native North America and received his doctorate in early American history from Rutgers University in 2018. Originally from upstate New York, Jeffres has traveled frequently for his research. “I’m

Short Term Fellow

Christopher Mott: Helmerich Center for American Research Fellow

Think apocalyptic culture is a new phenomenon and isolated from history? Think again. Meet Christopher Mott, Ph.D., freelance author/researcher, one of our Helmerich Center for American Research travel grant recipients who was here conducting research for his book on Native American geopolitics and how apocalyptic events such as disease and land theft created unique, indigenous