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Gilcrease Museum Magazine - Fall 2016

Gilcrease Magazine – Fall 2016

In this Issue Campaign for Gilcrease Learn more about the campaign to raise money for the museum’s operations after expansion, and meet the inaugural donors. Modern Southwest Explore the bold colors, reduced shapes, geometric patterns and flat picture planes that reveal modernist influences in art of the Southwest in this new exhibition. Chocolate Explore the

Gilcrease Magazine - Summer 2016

Gilcrease Magazine – Summer 2016

In this Issue Frida Kahlo This special photographic exhibit takes a look at Mexico’s iconic female artist, Frida Kahlo, through the lens of her longtime lover, Nickolas Muray. Cherokee Symposium The latest symposium offered by the Helmerich Center for American Research examined the Cherokee Nation, from removal to its rebirth in Indian Territory. Bob Dylan

Gilcrease Magazine - Spring 2016

Gilcrease Magazine – Spring 2016

In this Issue Ritual and Identity A new exhibition organized by Gilcrease Museum sheds new light on the ancient cultures of West Mexico. Cherokee Symposium Steve Inskeep, host of NPR’s Morning Edition, is a special guest speaker at the upcoming Helmerich Center symposium. Alfredo Zalce The work of Mexican artist Zalce is highlighted in the

Gilcrease Magazine - Winter 2016

Gilcrease Magazine – Winter 2016

In this Issue Rick Bartow Rick Bartow’s art reflects his unique life experiences and influences in this intriguing exhibition. Collectors’ Reserve Annual exhibition and art sale draws record number of artists and attracts art buyers from across the country. New Curator of Art Laura Fry joins the staff of Gilcrease Museum as the new art

Gilcrease Magazine - Fall 2015

Gilcrease Magazine – Fall 2015

In this Issue Explore the Artistry of the Bolo Tie Find out more about this distinctive neckwear and its history in the West. Collectors’ Reserve Mark your calendar for the annual show and sale on November 5, 2015. Birds in Art Calling all bird watchers! This exhibit lands at Gilcrease in late fall. Plains Indians

Gilcrease Magazine - Summer 2015

Gilcrease Magazine – Summer 2015

In this Issue On 52nd Street Photographic exhibition of jazz greats opens this summer. Jon Stuart: A Love of Art Jon Stuart, Gilcrease National Board member and donor, reflects on sharing his art. Unlocking the History of the Americas The inaugural symposium at the Helmerich Center for American Research sheds light on treasures from the