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School Groups

Guided tours of Gilcrease Museum’s permanent collection galleries are available to school groups. Tours are free of charge and can be scheduled daily from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. All tours, except self-guided experiences*, require three weeks advanced scheduling.

To make tour reservations, please complete and submit a Tour Reservation Form. For additional information, please email

Before touring, please review the following guidelines and policies:

Group Responsibilities and Guidelines
Chaperone Expectations
While at the Museum (Museum Manners for Students)
Transportation Funding
Museum Visit Evaluation

Tour Topics

50 Student Maximum
50 Minutes
First Visit: My Favorite Things
The First Visit tour will give younger children a positive, fun, and educational museum experience. The tour will expose students to art, cultural artifacts and historical information that facilitates an understanding of what life was like for people of different cultures who lived in different times and places than they do. The First Visit tour will also instill in students the awareness that museums are child-friendly and inviting places that are both fun and educational; a place they will want to return to again and again after their “First Visit.”

24 Student Maximum
45 Minutes
Kravis Konnections
Young museum visitors discover the wonders of the artifacts found in the Kravis Discovery Center in ways that help them describe items by identifying colors and shapes, comparing item sizes, and how the items may have been used.

50 Student Maximum
45 Minutes
Small Talk: Enduring Spirit
Small Talk tours focus on how early settlers and Native Americans shared Western America. Students look at works of art from the Southwest and Mexico galleries and use touch-objects and artifacts at tour stops to explain key concepts.

* In order to accommodate larger groups of students, the Kravis Discovery Center can be added as part of a “switch” tour. Half the group will tour the galleries while the other half enjoys time in the Kravis Center. At the halfway point, the two groups will “switch” places so that everyone has the same experience.

3rd and up
45 Student Maximum
45-60 Minutes
Enduring Spirit: Native American Artistic Traditions
Enduring Spirit tours highlight some of the museum’s vast collection of Native American art and artifacts. Tours will look at art and artists from the Plains, the Southwest, Northwest Coast and Arctic regions of North America. Major themes of this exhibition include change and continuity, cultural differences and Native American expressions of self-identity. Oklahoma artists such as Acee Blue Eagle, Woody Crumbo and Willard Stone are represented.

4th and up
24 Student Maximum
60 Minutes
Kravis Discovery Labs
Kravis Labs provide opportunities for students to explore the Kravis Discovery Center. Kravis provides access to thousands of objects relating to the early history of the Americas. From 12,000-year-old Clovis points to 20th-century Plains Indian beadwork, the Kravis Discovery Center brings together technology and artifacts for an exciting new look at the museum’s anthropology collection. A new interactive feature, “The Discovery Trail,” provides a glimpse into the beginnings of human culture in North America.

4th and up
50 Student Maximum
60 Minutes
Masterworks of the Gilcrease Collection: Exploring the American Experience
Masterworks of the Gilcrease Collection showcases the museum’s treasure of art, artifacts and historical documents, with examples reflecting the broad spectrum of the American Experience. The tour presents art as seen in landscapes, portraits and sculptures as well as examples of Native American archeological and ethnographic objects. Also included are documents from the museum’s archival collection, including the only known surviving handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence.