Tulsa American Film Festival

October 14, 2017
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Gilcrease Museum
1400 North Gilcrease Museum Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127-2100

TAFFest will showcase independent filmmakers from across the United States, with feature length and short films. Visit Gilcrease Museum for two days of the festival, as we show independent films that focus on Native American life. For film titles and list of other venues, visit tulsaamericanfilmfest.com. Free!


1:00 PM: Native Short films

  • My Soul Remainer, Dir. Nanobah Becker
    The music video for Laura Ortman’s passionate ‘My Soul Remainer’ roars from the mountain tops with impressionistic imagery inspired by the elements.
  • Dislocation Blues, Dir. Sky Hopinka
    Reflections on time spent with the water protectors in Standing Rock.
  • In the Beginning was Water and Sky, Dir. Ryan Ward
    In parallel stories, two Chippewa children navigate the dark corners of American history trying to find their way back to a home that may be lost forever.
  • Coyote Story, Dir. Daniel Seman
    The Ojibwe story of how a sly coyote gets his meal by playing a trick on unsuspecting ducks.
  • Raven, Dir. Razelle Benally
    Following a painful loss, a young woman contemplates a dark path until she has a dreamlike encounter deep in the woods .
  • Cree Code Talker, Dir. Alexandra Lazarowich
    Charles ‘Checker’ Tomkins fought in the Second World War, and served as a Cree Code Talker with the United States Air Force. As with other indigenous languages, Cree was used to transmit crucial military communications, and proved a vital secret weapon in combat.
  • Metal Road, Dir. Sarah Del Saronde
    For decades, thousands of Navajos have worked the railroads, maintaining the trans-continental network. Metal Road follows three Navajo railroaders as they leave their homeland to replace aging tracks under extreme weather conditions.

3:00 PM: On a Knife Edge, Dir. Jeremy Williams

Filmed over a five-year period and culminating with the events at Standing Rock, On a Knife Edge provides a view into the world of George Dull Knife, a young Lakota activist. His story is interwoven with animated sequences that depict five generations of family history, narrated by his father, artist Guy Dull Knife, and based on paintings Guy has created to explore the continuum of their family’s fight through the generations.


1:00 PM: Lecture – Onscreen Oklahoma: Hollywood Representations of the Sooner State

Oklahoma has come of age with the art of filmmaking itself and has been the subject of hundreds of movies over the last century. People who have never visited Oklahoma learn much of what they think they know about the state from the movies. But what exactly is it they have learned? Film historian Elizabeth Anthony, author of ReelClassics.com, has made a documentary for the Oklahoma Historical Society about how Oklahoma has been portrayed on film and reveals all! Sponsored by OKPOPS.

3:00 PM: Your Way Back To Me, Dir. Alexandra Dietz

Hannah Sheridan is half Cheyenne and half Kiowa, born in El Reno, Oklahoma. After a decade away from home and following a career in the U.S. Navy, Hannah returns to her community to fulfill her role in the mourning rituals honoring her recently deceased relatives. As a two-spirit person, returning home also means questioning her place within her culture and community


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